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Puppies from ACTIS kennel

We have puppies in sable , blue merle and tricolour.

100% GUARANTEES OF ORIGIN! Our dogs are DNA tested so you can be sure that our puppies are after dogs from pedigrees.

Remember:By buying a dog, you declare that you are capable of providing proper living conditions for it.

Our puppies have constant contact with humans - they are raised at homes.

We chose proper couples of dogs carefully and take into consideration both their external looks and their characters, which, after all, is the most important feature of this breed. Our dogs are family dogs, void of aggression towards people.
More information about our dogs: our dogs and kennel history.

Each puppy is equipped with:

  • A book of health (set of vaccinations and dewormings)
  • Pedigree
  • Owners from abroad also receive:

  • the dog's passport
  • exsport pedigree

  • Booking the puppies.

    Our website includes information on the planned litters. Should you be interested in booking a puppy, you can put forward a preliminary reservation even before the puppies are born. We will let all parties interested (those who left some contact data) know when the puppies are born to this world - the priority of choice of puppy depends on the order of filling in the reservations. After the puppies are born, you can choose and book one. The puppy can set out for his new home after it has finished its 7th week of life. You can follow the puppy’s development from the moment its born until you take it to your home.

    You can watch the little puppies live through a webcam (via SKYPE). Such video is a perfect solution for those who live far away. Thanks to this every future owner can evaluate the looks and character of a puppy, the distance separating them not being a problem. This definitely facilitates making the right decision.

    If you do not have any means of transport or you simply cannot visit us, we offer to deliver the puppy. However, in such cases the payment for the transport is charged in advance. Which, to our mind, is a proof of the buyer's good intentions. We do not benefit from the transport-you cover only the fuel costs (and additional road charges, i.e. motorway fees, ferries etc).

    Transport is possible all over Europe and USA by air transport.

    On 18.07.2021r were born litters from :


    >>> Enlgish type/lines. First litter after young dog imported from Italy. Sire - HELLO SPANK is MDR1/DM/IPD clear so none of his children can afected. Both parents hips scored and clear (HD-A = OFA excellent hips).

    1.Male- sable- ???
    2.Male- sable- ???
    3.Male- sable- ???
    4.Male- sable- ???
    5.Male- sable- ???
    3.Female- sable- ???
    6.Female- sable- ???
    7.Female- sable- ???
    8.Female- sable- ???

    *We have available puppies from this litter!

    Miot SPANK

    Litter Pedigree

    On 23.04.2021r were born litters from :

    Jun.Ch.PL,Ch.PL.Ch.BG SAGA Actis + Jun.Ch.PL, Ch.PL. Wicani LORD OF THE ISLES

    >>> American-Enlgish mix bloodlines. Puppies after parents with additional DNA tests: CEA, PRA, MDR1, DM, DMS,

    1.Male- sable- A??
    2.Male- sable- A LORD OF STORMS [video]
    3.Male- tricolour A LORD OF LOVE [info] (CEA+/+, MDR1+/+, DM+/+)
    4.Male- tricolour- A LORD OF NIGHT [info] (CEA+/-, MDR1+/-, DM+/+)
    5.Female- sable- A??
    6.Female- sable- A??
    7.Female- sable- A??
    8.Female- tricolour- A???
    9.Female- tricolour- ADORA [info] (CEA+/+, MDR1+/+, DM+/+)

    *We have available puppies from this litter!

    Miot SAGA + LORD

    Litter Pedigree

    On 28.10.2020r were born litters from :

    Ch.PL.Ch.BG TERRANOVA Actis + Amalie Lynmead MASTERPIECE

    >>> 100% Enlgish bloodlines.

    1.Male- sable- T...
    2.Male- sable- T...
    3.Female- sable- T...
    4.Female- sable- T...
    5.Female- sable- TORA TORA [VIDEO D1] [info]

    *We have available puppy from this litter!

    Litter Pedigree

    On 11.03.2019r were born litters from :

    Junior Ch, Ch.PL.Ch.BG SAGA Actis + Wicani Hawkmoth

    >>> Parents with tests CEA/PRA/MDR1/DM/HUU/GCS.
    More info about this litter - Klick here!


    1.Male- sable- ATTILA [VIDEO D1] [FOT PD1]
    2.Male- sable WF- ALLADIN [Export]
    3.Male- tricolour- ATREJU[Export][fot D3]
    4.Male- tricolour WF- ATLAS [VIDEO D4] [fot D4]
    5.Male- tricolour WF- AKCENT[INFO D5]
    6.Female- sable- AVIVA [export][fot B1]
    7.Female- sable WF- AMBER [export][fot S2]
    8.Female- tricolour- ALIZEE [INFO B3]
    9.Female- tricolour- ADELE [INFO B4]
    10.Female- tricolour WF- ABSTRAKCJA

    Litter Pedigree

    >>> WE HAVE NEW LITTER ! Puppies are dark sable. Parents and grand parents are hips scored and free from hips displasia. Sire is a dog imported from the Great Britain, mother is a young bitch - daughter of Multi Ch. OBELIX Actis, grand daughter of GB.Ch.World Winner Chelborn KISS'N'TELL.
    More info about this litter - Klick here!

    On 20.03.2019r were born litters from :

    Junior Ch,Ch.PL BATISA Actis PL + ELPASO TIME TO WONDER of Kassiopeia

    collie Elpaso

    1.Male- sable- ORFEUSZ [VIDEO D1]
    2.Male- sable- ONE LOVE [VIDEO D2]
    3.Male- sable- OLSEN[VIDEO D3]
    4.Male- sable- OTIS [VIDEO D4]
    5.Male- dark sable- OTTELO[INFO D5]
    6.Male- dark sable- ONE NIGHT WISH [VIDEO D6]
    7.Female- tricolour- OLYMPIA [VIDEO B1]

    Miot TISA + ELPASO

    Puppies Pedigree

    >>> Valentine's puppies.Pure English bloodlines. Parents and grand parents are hips scored and free from hips displasia. Sire is Multi Champion OBELIX (son of World Winner GB.Ch.Chelborn KISS'N'TELL), mother is a beautiful bitch Pepsi - daughter of Multi Ch. Camanna Cast a Shadow.

    On 14.02.2019r were born litters from :

    Junior Ch,Ch.PL Leoeda Stronger Than Love + Multi Ch. OBELIX Actis


    1.Male- tricolour- DARK SHADOW [VIDEO D1]
    2.Female- tricolour- DANCING WITH STARS [Info www]

    Litter Pedigree

    >>> Pure English bloodlines. Parents and grand parents are hips scored and free from hips displasia. Sire is British Champion Beldones BLACK ILLUSION (son of World Winner GB.Ch.Chelborn KISS'N'TELL), mother is a beautiful bitch Java - daughter of Multi Ch. Golden Lippy.

    On 24.02.2019r were born litters from :

    C.I.B,Multi Ch, JAVA Actis + GB.Ch. Beldones BLACK ILLUSION


    1.Female- sable- LILA [FOTO Lila]
    2.Female- tricolour- LA BAMBOLA [FOTO Bambola]
    3.Female- tricolour- LUNA [FOTO Luna]
    4.Male- sable- LUCAS [FOTO Lucas]

    *We have available 2 very promising puppies for show/breeding homes!

    Litter Pedigree

    On 12.10.2017r were born litters from :

    Junior Ch. Leoeda Stronger Than Love + Multi Ch. OBELIX Actis


    1.Male- sable/white- DISCO
    2.Female- sable/white- DIVA
    3.Female- sable/white- DIVANA [export Estonia]
    4.Female- tricolor- DELICJA [export Scotland]

    [Videos with puppies - click here]

    Litter Pedigree

    On 12.10.2017r were born litters from :

    Multi Ch. JAVA Actis + Multi Ch. OBELIX Actis

    OBI + JAVA

    1.Male- sable/white- BARON
    2.Male- sable/white- BINGO
    3.Male- sable/white- BALLANTINE
    4.Male- sable/white- BASSANO
    5.Male- sable/white- BEHIND THE SUN
    6.Female- tricolour- BLACK BRENDA
    7.Female- tricolour- BLACK SWAN
    8.Female- sable/white- BAXI
    9.Female- sable/white- BIRMA

    [Videos with puppies - click here]

    Litter Pedigree

    >>>Pure British bloodlines- outstanding pedigree, sire is imported from the UK.

    On 21.03.2017r were born litters from :

    Ch.PL TERRANOVA Actis + Ch.DE(VDH),Club Ch.DE, Amalie PRINCE OF LOVE

    collie szczeniaki


    1.Male- sable/white- TOMMI [export Jersey]
    2.Male- sable/white- TIESTO [export Sweden]
    3.Male- sable/white- TERRY
    4.Male- sable/white- TIMI
    5.Female- sable/white- TOLA
    6.Female- sable/white- TAMI
    7.Female- sable/white- TICA
    8.Female- sable/white- TULISA [export Slovakia]
    9.Female- sable/white- TIANA [Photos F05]

    [Videos with puppies - click here]

    Litter Pedigree

    collie miot

    On 17.09.2016r were born litters from :

    J.Ch.PL,Ch. SAGA Actis + C.I.B, J.Ch.PL,Ch:PL, DE(VDH), GR, UA, EST, BG, RO, Balkan. OBELIX Actis

    1.Male-gold sable/white- BLONDFIRE [export France]
    2.Male-gold sable/white- BLONDINO
    3.Male-dark sable/white- BALLANDYN [export France]
    4.Male-dark sable/white- BARNEY
    5.Female-dark sable/white- BELLA MIA
    6.Female-dark sable/white- BALLADA
    7.Female-tricolour- BLACKFIRE [www]
    8.Female-tricolour- BLACK BUTTERFLY [export Sweden]
    9.Female- tricolour- BLACK BIANKA


    >>>>>Puppies Pedigree



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